Once upon a time we met online after being introduced by a mutual friend. Instantly we realized that we had quite a bit in common and started communicating regularly. We were able to finally meet in person when Hannah's tour for her first book brought her and her husband to California, and our families got to spend a few days together at Alana's home. Although we lived on opposite ends of the country, we were pleasantly surprised by how many similar interests our families shared. Spending the weekend together felt like spending time with old friends rather than new ones, as if we had known each other for many years.

Over the years that followed we kept in contact as our families and pattern lines grew, and we frequently asked one another for advice and input. Our design styles differ, yet we have an appreciation for each other's work and have enjoyed knitting each other's patterns.

We each toyed with the idea of self publishing books, but being busy, work-at-home moms made it seem a daunting task. After much discussion, we decided that a collaborative design project could make this more of a possibility. It certainly would be fun and interesting! Quickly the concept for Coastal Knits began to take shape, and we were instantly full of ideas and excitement for this project. We wanted Coastal Knits to be a merging of not only our opposite shorelines, but also of our two personalities and backgrounds.

As an East Coast native, Hannah designs classic sweaters for a modern audience. Her Knitbot pattern line is known for wearable and stylish sweaters, the most popular being her Featherweight Cardigan. Alana, a West Coast native, is drawn to romantic styling, feminine details, and intricate stitches. She draws most of her inspiration from the natural world around her and enjoys working botanical design elements into her stitch patterns.

Although our design aesthetics differ, we feel that our individual work complements each other nicely. You will find a little piece of each of us in Coastal Knits.

We feel privileged to have grown up in two very beautiful coastal regions that have not only shaped our design work, but also who we are as individuals. Each design featured in Coastal Knits has been inspired by one of our favorite local locations. Before each pattern you will find an inspiration board featuring photographs along with an essay on what makes this particular destination special to us personally.

We have enjoyed working together to bring Coastal Knits to you. We hope it brings you hours of contented knitting and that it motivates you to find inspiration in your own surroundings.